My experience as a business analyst intern

@May 2020 - Aug 2020

This past summer I joined Cisco remotely as a business analyst intern under the Opportunity Management team. I chose the business analyst role because I wanted to explore the intersection between software engineers and management. During my time there, I analyzed the quarterly performance of sales forecasting with 10% more accuracy using specialized business KPIs. This was an interesting project for me because it taught me how to identify business KPIs and service metrics.

My summer looked like this:


Throughout the summer I constructed and presented 3 service metrics dashboard to the sales forecasting manager to reveal the stages of the Cisco Sales Process with the highest returns. Using Smartsheet to populate metrics from multiple Cisco applications, I created a service metrics dashboards for three sales teams to display Q3 and Q4 data.

How did I use React as an Business Analyst Intern?

Along with a team project, I was also assigned an intern project with my intern cohort. Our task was to develop a SOX Compliance dashboard by the end of the summer. The problem was, there were 3 business analyst interns and only 2 software engineer interns in my cohort. I knew this project would be development heavy, so I volunteered to use my computer science background to create the front end of the project. I designed UI components in this cross-functional project using React, for the SOX Compliance Dashboard analyzing compliance of over 500 employees. This is when I really noticed how awesome React is! At the end of the summer, I deployed the application using Docker.

Working During Quarantine

The pandemic definitely made interning a bit harder, but a healthy work-play routine kept me going! Of course, I took this opportunity to make a TikTok!

Summary of Tools

I used these tools to implement the project goals:

<aside> 💬 While I enjoyed working as a business analyst intern, I realized SWE and PM roles are a better fit for me because they better showcase my technology skills and business acumen!